Monday, January 23, 2012

End of the January Draw Challenge, beginning of the 2012 Draw Challenge!

Hey peeps,

So, here's the last bits of my January draw challenge I finished the other day.

Day 18:  Memory #3 - GETTING A JOB!

Half sketch / Half style.  I've been working with a rough line style, looks alllmost finished, but has the posh of a finished line.  Not even close to nailing it here, but I'm working on it.  This is about my first time out on trial for my job.  Got on a train to D.C. and as soon as I got there at 2pm, I worked straight through to 2pm the following day... this is how I felt.

This job is awesome, but you'd have to be on 10 kinds of stimulants not to get worn down after the hours we pull.

Day 19: Memory #2 - Trip To LA

Back in January, I was fortunate enough to get selected to go on trip to LA with my fellow animators at Columbia College.  We got to tour a lot of good studios, and when I got DreamWorks something happened I never though would... I got to actually HOLD AND LOOK THROUGH a Nickelodeon Blimp award!!!!  For this went out I was just playing around, and did a pseudo-cut-out thing.  And by that I just tried to make different sloppy layers stand out.

Be jealous.

Day 20: Memory #1 - Haven (Tainted)

This is my number one memory, because honestly it was difficult trying to think of something I did BESIDES Haven in 2011.  Haven spawned from an idea I came up with while listening to the song Tainted by Celldweller the summer before senior year.  I didn't think it would take in the suggestion rounds, but it did and it became my entire classes senior film.  Pretty Awesome.  I think this one is getting closer to what I want my style to be.   Rough-er lines, and a rough-ish paint style inside those lines.  I also took off any softness in the bush and just used a plain circular brush with varying opacity, helped get the strokes noticeable yet looking good.  Let me know what you think.  I'm still practicing my drafting though, because i want to get away from an anime styling or simple shape.  I want more detail and flair.  Please guys I want me some feedback!!!

I always like longer red hair on Kit, and I'll probably to alot more of this character as I progress.

So that's the end of the January draw challenge.  I'm still going to create an image for each day this year, but I'm not going to be posting all of them.  I'll primarily post things I personally like, or things that I want feedback on.  This entire year of drawing and sculpting (yes I just installed the trial of Zbrush so it has begun!!!) is to become better at those things.  And I really can't do that without you guys, so for any post on here I STRONGLY encourage you to critique my work.  Anything aside from "This sucks lol" will be helpful, so don't be worried about sounding too harsh.

Thank you all!
~ Jacob Funk, The PreAnimator

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