Monday, June 17, 2013

Lux-Mesh Version 2, time for MOAR feedback!

Hello, all!

Back again, after a weekend of heavy modeling while waiting by the computer.  I got some critiques from 2 people.  I'm gunna put put a turn-around here first again for you to look at, then wire frames at certain angles, with the critiques that got them where they are, so you can look back at the previous post and see how it changed.

Lux_Rig: Mesh Turn-Around Version 2 on Vimeo.

 Not much from the front, except you can see the new toe structure, ears and eyes have been fleshed out too.  From the side we can see the hip re-work. Previously Scott mentioned he didn't like the nearly vertical edge-loop between his torso and hips.  He though it made it feel to "stuck together".  When I re-worked his groin topologyI kept this in mind, and brought most of the top topology back a bit to give more meaning to the bunching, as well as add flow from his chest, and his legs tucking into his pelvis.  you'll also notice the tail is now fully stretched so it can be rigger.

For the toes, Shannon really liked the under the foot geometry, but if I wanted to hit my cartoony/realistic ratio consistent, I would need to re-work the toes.  We wanted to hit a nice arc in the silhouette of the tops of the toes, i think they look much better.

In the face, I gave the eye socket more definition, and gave the brows more geo, and harder-line below the brow.  The ears now also have some topology to allow it to fold like Luxo's but I have a feeling they will need to through a lot more R&D to get it to look right.  Shannon also mentioned pushing the nose a bit, and gave me some good reference to work with, I think it's alot stronger now.

 I also tightened and maintained the under-the-paw topology.

Please, please, please leave more comments and feedback.  I only got critiques last time, and I already think it's much improved.  So logic would state that the more critiques, the more better it'll be!!!  The topolgy looks pretty solid to me, so besides a little bit of polishing I'll be working on the teeth and tongue, and ear topology unless you guys give me some input!

Thanks again,
The PreAnimator

Thursday, June 13, 2013

First Lux-Rig Update!

Hey All,

Been absent for a long time because of a mix of work and apathy.  I've been working on a couple projects, but most things I can't show, and the other things I haven't felt were up-to-par to show.  So to remedy this, I'm going to try and make a free quadruped-rig, based on my beloved doggy Luxo.  I'm going to be using him both as inspiration and reference, constantly poking and prodding himto figure out how his tiny body is made.  Once this puppy is completed I'll be giving it away for free, and uploading it to several rig sources.

I also want to take the time to make this the best thing I have ever made.  I have been needing to push myself as of late, so this is the perfect opportunity.  This also means that if I want it to be the best, I won't be able to do it by myself.  I'll need input from you guys on what you would like to see in a rig, testing at various stages, and for critiques too.

I'll be making a list of features over the next couple days so you can see what I am planning, and so you can tell me what you would like to have added. But for now I wanted to get you guys a glimpse of the mesh so you know I've been working on it, and to get some critique before pushing the mesh and un-wrapping it.

First we got a turn-around:

Lux_Rig: Mesh Turn-Around Version 1

Then here are a few screenshots of the wire-frame on the mesh.

Next step for the mesh is to make the inside of the mouth, the eye socket, and more inner ear.  Once that gets fleshed out I'm going to focus on the areas of deformation more, like shoulder joints and the ears, since Luxo's floppy ears are a major focus of his character.

Please let me know what you think!!!