Saturday, July 23, 2011

An update.

Hey everyone,

Haven't been posting here, because sadly I haven't been doing any personal projects as of late.  Yet I have several I want to start, and I'm getting into the mood of actually doing something productive while looking for work.

 I know I want to start doing 11-Second club entries again, and plan to start back up next month.

 I also want to make some headway on "Home is Where the Haunt Is".  Been in talks with someone for storyboarding but I may have to do some of that myself if it makes things go faster.

I'm also going to start modeling/rigging/animating a head the "Stop Staring" way.  I already have the head built, I just need to check and make sure I can use it since I originally made it for a different gig.

Since theres nothing really to show from any of these at the moment, I'm going to show you all my rigging reel I recently put together!

Be posting more soon,

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